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Securitas renews partnership with Defentry

Securitas Group and cyber safety company Defentry have chosen to renew their current partnership for an additional three years. Digital threats and fraudulent use of company and personal data is a massive and rapidly growing global problem, becoming a major threat to all businesses. Every day personal data and company data is stolen in criminal cyber-attacks.

Through the continued partnership. Securitas will have good opportunity to incorporate a solution to these threats into their customer offer. While Defentry gain access to Securitas global network and reach to SME's.

Defentry’s technology and data together with Securitas strategy and reach is a perfect match and we are very happy to have received Securitas trust to continue providing them cyber safety solutions for three more years.

The service that Securitas offers their customers detects ID threats related to personal and company data from multiple sources such as open web, dark web, governmental and credit bureau databases. All of which vital components for all SME's to have in order to protect themselves from cyber security threats that are ever increasing.

About Securitas

Securitas is the leader in the security industry and they deliver digital security solutions via 44 security remote monitoring centers around the world. This offering is a significant focus area for Securitas. The future is increasingly data-driven and requires access to large quantities of data as well as local presence to manage the right data. Securitas global and local presence gives them a unique capability to generate data in order to protect and secure their customers.

About Defentry

Defentry is a Nordic cyber safety company that provides a real-time 24/7 digital monitoring and alert service.  Defentry’s SaaS platform collects global data and perform analyses on critical cyber threats. The data is aggregated and processed in Defentry’s analytics engine to proactively identify data related to fraud. The outcome of the analysis is automatically translated into warnings to companies or end-users with proposed actions on next steps - all to reduce the risk of fraud.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne, Head of Marketing
+46 73 109 48 94