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We scan the whole web to find your leaked data

Monitoring leaked data on the dark web is not always enough to prevent fraud from happening, therefore our platform also includes direct monitoring of bank, credit and governmental data.

What we offer

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web and deep web is the part of the web that is not searchable by standard search engines, which makes it the ideal place to sell stolen information. Our product monitors the dark and deep web to detect any lost data and alerts in real-time so action can be taken right away.

Governmental Data Monitoring

One of the most common ways a fraudster uses is changing information via governmental systems. We monitor both companies' organizational number and individual's social security number, if there are any unauthorized changes we will notify immediately.

Credit & Bank Monitoring

If anyone asks for a credit report to check your rating, purchase items, start a subscription or take out a loan in your name our credit partners help us to alert you in real-time. We also securely safeguard the activity on your bank accounts and credit cards and notify you if any suspicious activity occurs.

  • Assistance & Support

We give you recommendations and help you take action in real-time. If you need extra help, we also offer our users personal assistance 24/7.

  • Cyber Security Training

We educate, train and coach you with simulated attacks through an adaptive system where the users get coached depending on the actions they take.

  • Fraud Insurance

If the fraud couldn't be prevented, the user have personal insurance via Defentry where we offer both economic compensation and legal protection. 

Some words from one of our partners

"As a safety agency we always strive to make it easier and safer to run a business. Defentry’s solution has added one more dimension to our SME offering as it teaches our clients how to strengthen their cyber security and avoid corporate fraud. We are glad to have partnered with Defentry in this vital task."

Let us show you how we can help you.