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Defentry’s mission is a put an end to identity theft and make the internet a safer place. To do that, we have created a product that is offered to companies that they then offer it to their customers. They become the users of our platform, we monitor their personal data through several sources and we alert and support them when that data is leaked. We also monitor bank, credit and governmental data to keep track of attempted frauds in real time and we let our users know instantly. 

For us to keep doing this and always evolve and become even better, we also need to keep hiring fantastic employees. We strive to always have fun together, and do good together. Our office is located in the city center of Stockholm and we are always on the hunt for friendly, honest and curious people to join us.

"Defentry is one of the most friendly and inclusive workplaces I’ve come across. When joining I was amazed at how welcoming the culture at Defentry were."

What we can offer

Security Awareness Training

Hybrid workplace

Work from the office and from home and sometimes we flex. We're all for work-life balance.

Cybersafety Ecosystem-10

Great benefits

We offer great benefits such as a generous pension programme and of course cyber security.

Employee empowerment

We know that our employees are great at their job, that's why we hired them. We believe in you.

Join our team


No open position that suits you but you still want to work with cyber security at Defentry?
No worries! We still want to get in touch with you.

Please send us your resume and we’ll get back to you!