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Human-centric Cyber Safety Platform

We have created the first true unified human-centric Cyber Safety Platform, ready to be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need one or several of our solutions – we will find what works best for you.

Cyber Safety Platform


Dark Web Monitoring 

The dark web constitutes approximately 95% of the web. It’s not indexed or searchable by standard search engines, making it the ideal marketplace for stolen information such as online account information, bank details and other private personally identifiable information. 

We have created a market leading, real time Dark Web Monitoring System to detect any lost data so you can take actions to protect your company.

We monitor email/passwords, SSNs, Bankcards and much more.


Governmental Data Monitoring

One of the most common ways a fraudster uses to access information and hijack companies is through changing information via governmental systems. It is a challenge to keep oneself protected and a bigger problem than most organisations realise it to be. 

Our Governmental Data Monitoring service keeps track of your public records. If there are any unauthorised changes, we will notify you immediately. If you suspect fraud, you will be able to take necessary precautions to safeguard your company.

We both monitor data related to companies' organizational number as well as data related to an individual's social security number.


Credit Bureau Data Monitoring 

Many fraudsters use someone else's identity and act as that individual in financial transactions, as a consumer or a representative for a company.

We provide a real-time Credit Bureau Data Monitoring Alert. If anyone asks for a credit report to check your rating, purchase items, start a subscription or take out a loan in your name, our Data Monitoring Alert will notify you.


Bank Account Monitoring

In the modern era of digital technology, people are connected to multiple credit institutions and use several bank accounts which makes it difficult to detect suspicious activity and keep track of transactions.

By connecting to our Bank Account Monitoring Service, we make sure to securely safeguard the activity on your bank account and alert you in real-time if any suspicious activity occurs.

Our bank account monitoring is enabled via trusted and licensed PSD2 partners and integrated into our platform.


Cyber Security Awareness Training

The best way to to strengthen your company’s weakest link is to train people across the company. We provide ongoing Cyber Security Awareness Training which involves easy-to-understand micro trainings as well as simulated attacks.

With the combination of other products within the platform, users get a natural and valuable channel for improving their cyber security knowledge.


Fraud Assistance

Modern fraudsters are experts in exploiting whatever weakness they can find, whether on an individual or systemic level. The frauds are many and complex. With our Fraud Assistance, you do not have to worry about which fraud you are exposed to, or how complex it is, or how to solve it – we will support you.


Fraud Insurance

Our Fraud Insurance protects you against online and financial fraud, whether that’s social manipulation, phishing, theft of bank details, ID theft, and many other things of relevance. Should you be the victim of fraud, we want you to know that you are in good hands with our insurance partners and expert lawyers. They will support you and be by your side in the event of any disputes or appeals.


Engagement Optimization

The analytics layer of the Defentry platform enables data driven user experience enhancements, conversion optimization, activation and upsell opportunities. Optimize the engagement of the users and the value for partners.

Fraud Prevention API

In the modern era, personal data is one of the most valuable currencies. Your data can be used for a wide variety of purposes by governments, tech companies and cyber criminals. It can be used for any reason – for keeping track of people, targeted ads, and often, for scams. Your personal data is valuable and if it is stolen, it can be sold off to the highest bidder on deep and dark web forums. 

We have made it our mission to help safeguard individuals and companies’ private data. Our modern and easy to use Rest-API enables cloud companies, service providers and other systems integrators to integrate with our data. If there is any leak of customer or employee data, you will be notified first. Your company will be exposed to less data breaches, trust in your company will increase and everyone associated with your business will feel safer.

Access our data and capabilities through our prepackaged white-label solution, or directly via our Fraud Prevention API. From our Fraud Prevention API you can integrate e.g dark web monitoring capabilities into your system in which way you like it.

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