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Cyber security can be difficult to understand and it can surely spark a lot of questions. Do you wonder about our platform, on how we find leaked data, who our partners are or maybe who has invested in us - you can find the answer right here! And if not, don't hesitate to contact us

Find questions and answers here below. 

Can I sign up and become a customer at Defentry?

This can be a bit tricky to understand, but we will do our absolute best to explain. The first thing to know, is that our customers and our users are not the same. 

Our customers are often lager companies, mostly within the insurance or security business. They offer a service to their customers where the defentry-platform is included in that service.

So our platform and service is then used by individuals and small and medium enterprises that we help. 

So, if you are using our platform you are a customer to one of our partners that is offering Defentry as a service to you. Or if you are not yet a user of the Defentry platform, you can get access to our cyber security  service by becoming a customer to one of our partners. 

What can Defentry help me with?
We monitor your personal data and credentials to spot any unusual activity. We alert you if your personal data has been leaked or involved in a hacker attempt. We teach and educate you in cyber security and how to avoid identity theft. And we support you through our platform if you would become exposed to fraud during your usage of our platform. 
What does cyber security mean?

The mening of cyber security is wide and can mean a lot of things, but ultimately it is how safe you and your personal data is online. If you have poor cyber security, there is a bigger risk to become a victim of identity theft, online fraud and cyber crime.

How do I stop my service with Defentry?

We sell our platform to companies which then offer it to their customers as a service. So, if you are a user of our platform then you are a customer of one of our partners.

Some of our partners offer our service individually and some as a package deal included in their own service to their customers. To cancel your service with us, you therefore need to contact the company that has offered you the service so that they can help you.

What happens when data is leaked?

A hacker attack can come in many different shapes and forms. It can be someone trying to target a certain person and get a hold of his/hers social security number, try to take loans or ordering things in their name.

But it can also be a larger attack targeting a company, either to hurt the company itself or for example get a hold of their customers e-mail addresses to then sell for commercial purposes.

Either way, it’s very difficult, not to say even impossible, to secure yourself from this kind of attacks which is why a technical solution is perfect to monitor and alert when personal information data is leaked.

What sources do you use to know that personal data has been leaked?

We gather our information from governmental, credit and bank data. We also monitor the non indexed or searchable part of the Internet, both the deep web and the dark web, since this is an ideal marketplace for stolen information.

We have created a market leading, real time Dark Web Monitoring System that’s integrated with our product.

How fast after a hacker attack or leak will Defentry alert?

We alert in realtime, so in other words super fast. As soon as a leak or hacker attack occurs, we alert our users in our app and send an email right away.

The hacked personal information data is not always used right away by the identity theif, which then gives our users the possibility to take the appropriate action even before the big damage is done.

Who are the owners of Defentry?

Do you want to know more about our team, founders  and the history of Defentry? Read more and meet our team and founders

How is Defentry funded?

Investors are:

  • Founder and CEO Christer Hernestig
  • Founder and CCO Farid Lalami
  • Spintop Ventures
  • Private investor Jan Wäreby
  • Private investor Pontus Lesse
  • Private investor Peter Carlsson
  • Private investor Göran Hesseborn
  • Private investor Henrik Davidsson
  • Private investor Oskar Norin
  • Private investor Dan Egerstad
  • Private investor Adam Ljungrell
Can I buy stocks or invest in Defentry?

Defentry is still an unlisted company and right now there is not possible to buy stocks on the open market. 

If you are a private investor or a venture capitalist and wish to invest in Defentry, please contact us

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