About Us

You find us in Sweden - the tech capital of Europe.

We are a cyber safety company where transparency and humanity are at the core of how we work.

Building a safer world with our cyber safety eco-system

We are here to build a safer world. We have developed the world’s first platform that prevents fraudulent use of Personal data and helps people become Cybersmart.

Through intelligent ways of collecting and enriching data and data-driven solutions, we can meet every person’s digital safety needs. We monitor, alert and act on personal data threats all the way to coaching for a safer digital life. And of course if the intrusion or personal data fraud already has happened we will help the users´ with that too.

We are always on the user side as their trusted guardian, and we strongly believe in trust and transparency. It is only when we enlighten and educate that we can build a safer digital world together.

Our values

In contrast to our competitors, we are an open player that informs proactively and educates. Our white hacking background, deep knowledge of the dark and deep web, enable us to do this in a trusted, simple, and transparent way.

Human centric
We put users in the forefront, always striving for a seamless user experience. We are customer centric in all touch points. Because, at the end of the day, we are all users. 

We continuously collect, aggregate, and enrich data in the most intelligent way. It is in our DNA to be innovative and to keep improving our ecosystem of products and pushing the industry forward.

We gain strength through our partners and users. We push development and innovation forward. Together we build a safer world for digital life.