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Our dream is to put an end to identity theft

In 2014 our co-founder Christer had his identity stolen. They hacked his accounts, made purchases in his name and even applied for bank loans. He had a hard time getting help and it took over a year before he was able to stop them. So Christer and his childhood friend Farid founded Defentry, to put an end to identity theft.

We offer a B2B SaaS platform that protects, alerts and supports users when their data has been leaked. We have access to several of the best sources of hacked data in the world. Through our tech platform we can effectively offer your customers a full range of identity protection services.

Monitoring leaked data is not always enough to prevent fraud from happening, therefore our platform also includes direct monitoring of bank, credit and governmental data. We are able to see attempted frauds in real time so we can alert the user instantly.

Together we can make the Internet a safer place.

We detect and prevent identity fraud every month


We protect you

More than 100 000 people and small businesses across Europe are currently protected by our platform.

We alert you

More than 15 % of our users receive an alert every month. That way we prevent identity fraud from ever occurring.

We support you

We have integrations with ten high quality data sources to maximize the chance of detecting identity fraud.

What we stand for

Our mission

The problem with identity theft is growing at an alarming rate. Data show that 1,7 billion usernames and passwords were exposed by hackers during last year, which is an increase of 15% from the year before.

The same passwords are also often used over and over again, so with one single password a hacker can easily make multiple frauds. Defentry's mission is to ensure that our users always become instantly aware as soon as their data has leaked. That way we can put an end to identity theft.

Our promise

To safeguard user data is a constant race to keep up with the hackers methods. Last year we added on average two new leaks per day to our database.

We promise that Defentry will always do our absolute best to protect your customers data. By always keeping the best data sources on the market in our platform we will be your ultimate partner in safeguarding users data.

Our values
Honest - We always act transparent towards our partners, users and employees. As a cyber security company we are in the trust business, and always being honest and open is our way of earning that trust.

Friendly - We are all people and people aren’t perfect. Our primary business is to help our users avoid the risk of identity theft and hacked accounts, a somewhat difficult subject for many of us. In our solutions we always put friendly guidance, help and advice higher than requiring security perfection from people. Oh, and did we say we act the same towards one another within the company itself?

Curious - The cyber safety industry is evolving massively and identity theft is ever increasing. To remain curious is in our company's DNA and absolutely necessary when we stay at the forefront of protecting our users personal data.

Meet our team in Stockholm

You find our headquarters and most of our team in Stockholm, Sweden. But our partners and users are all across Europe.

Being located in the tech capital of Europe gives us a great advantage to stay at the forefront with our B2B SaaS platform.

Tech hub in Kyiv and remote

To lead the market for cyber safety we must work with great developers. We have built a dedicated tech team of cyber security specialists who work from our hub in Ukraine.

As much as we dislike the terrible things going on in Ukraine, we are very pleased that our tech team are all safe and fully operational.

Work with us

Defentry is growing and we are always looking for more talents to join our team. Please check out our career page to learn more about our team and browse any open positions.