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Improve your customer loyalty with Defentry

One of the greatest challenges for insurers is to make customers perceive the value of your product before a claim occurs.

With a proactive monitoring solution from Defentry your customers will be constantly reminded of the value you bring.

Your customer loyalty will increase and churn will be reduced.

Defentry's offer to your insurance business

  • White label solution

Our platform is readily prepared for your business and your brand.

The platform operates and is maintained entirely on it's own but all communication to your customers will be in your brand.

Every time your customer receive an alert from Defentry, they will recognise the value your brand give them.

  • Easy API setup

We have integrated our platform to the best suppliers of leaked and hacked data. As well as credit and government agencies.

Save money on implementation of Defentry's platform by not having to integrate or maintain the connection to any external data sources.

We have them all.

  • A modular solution

We can tailor our platform to exactly your needs and priorities as all our monitoring is module based.

Do you wish the full package for your customers. No problem.

Do you prefer to exclude one or more modules. Then we arrange that for you with ease.

Our main modules

  • Proactive monitoring

We monitor your customers data in real time and alert them as soon as we see indications of hackers beginning to use them.

That way your customers will get a chance to react swiftly. While your brand is the one delivering this news to them. Helping your customer see the value of your product.

  • Support & Assistance

Getting an alert that a hacker fraud might be imminent can be terrifying. But our platform will guide and assist your customer in what actions to take to ease their stress level.

If something happens and the customer needs personal assistance. We will help out with that too.

  • White label & API

We always shape our platform in your brand and colours. To make sure that your customers will connect their experience to your services as far as possible.

All with the purpose to strengthen your customer loyalty.

Some words from one of our partners
"ID hijacking affects everyone and the fraudsters are also becoming increasingly more sophisticated. We look forward, together with Defentry, to continue to offer the best ID protection on the market."

Why do partners choose Defentry

  • 110 000 satisfied end users who are monitored by our platform every day.
  • 30 million user records added every day by our world class data partners who constantly scan the dark web for stolen and hacked data
  • We integrate so you don't have to. Our platform is already integrated with multitude of data providers for darknet data, credit and government data. Save time on integrations and use ours with the click of a button instead.

Contact us now

Contact Christer for a 30 minutes presentation on Defentry and how we can help your business.

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