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We keep you safe online

Our mission is to keep our users safe online, and to do this we offer a series of solutions. Cyber crime can come in many different shapes and forms and attack you both as a individual and as an employee. 

The Solutions

We protect your accounts

Hacker attacks on e-mail or social media accounts is called Account Take Over (ATO) and happens when a cyber criminal gains access to the victim’s login credentials and acts in the name of the victim. With our solution for Account Take Over Prevention you can monitor risks and proactively prevent fraud exposures.

E-mail account
take over prevention

When a fraudster takes over an e-mail account they gain access to sensitive and personal information, but also the possibility to reset your passwords. Hackers can access your data by purchasing them from the dark web, phishing scams or viruses. We monitor the dark web and alert you when your e-mail address is found so you immediately can take actions to prevent fraud.

Social media account  
take over prevention

A cyber criminal can hijack your accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn. This is becoming more common and the hacker often uses your account to scam your friends and contacts, visible for everyone to see. We monitor your social media accounts to keep your online social life safe.

We prevent bank and credit fraud

Fraudsters can take over your bank account and make unauthorized transactions or make your stolen credit card details available on the dark web. Our Bank Fraud Prevention solutions notifies you about suspicious bank transactions as well as if your credit card information is found on the dark web.

Bank Account fraud prevention

Bank accounts can be overtaken by fraudsters leading to unauthorized transactions. Transactions can also go wrong through mistakes made by either individuals, the transaction counterpart or by the bank itself. If we find any suspicious transactions on your bank account we will alert you right away.  The solution is enabled trough our integrations with open banking, licensed PSD2 partners.

Credit Card fraud prevention

The dark web is flooded with stolen credit card information that the hackers can purchase on the dark web or find through malware or other computer viruses. We monitor the dark web for your bank card information and if they are ever leaked, we give you an early warning so you can take proper precautions and ensure no one is making purchases in your name.

We monitor personal and company data

When identity theft is committed, cyber criminals can use your identity to make purchases, financial agreements and other things that can have big consequences for your everyday life. They collect the goods, but you get the bill. Our Personal and Company Data Monitoring provides alerts to prevent this from happening and to help you take action.

Social Security Number monitoring

Your social security number (SSN) is a key identifier in many governmental databases. When there is a change related to your SSN, without you initiating it, you are a potential victim of fraud. We monitor your SSN on the dark web, in governmental databases and credit bureaus to help you stay ahead of fraud. 

Cloud Storage Account  monitoring

Cloud storage has become a major part of modern businesses and it is extremely important to secure the company's digital assets. We monitor the dark web for emails and company accounts and lower the risk of cloud storage account take overs to keep important and confidential documents safe.

Company e-mail account monitoring

One of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to access massive amounts of data is through email account takeovers.We do not only monitor your personal e-mail address, but also your company e-mail accounts, to alert you if any suspicious activity occurs.

We educate you in cyber security

Companies usually consist of many individuals working in a team, and we all love team work. However, from a cyber safety point of view, it can also be a weakness. Research shows that employees can be the weakest link and may expose valuable information. We provide ongoing Safety Awareness Training which involves simulated attacks and easy to understand evaluations.

Cyber Safety Training

With the Defentry Cyber Safety Training you can educate your employees with an automated security exercises. This will ensure the level of knowledge and awareness within the organization is raised for each and every individual. As the collective gets more cyber-smart, your overall protection will be stronger no matter where your employees are located.


Simulated Attacks

Modern phishing attacks are so refined, it is easy for an employee to fall victim to them. With our gamified simulated attacks, we can educate your workforce to spot suspicious emails and how to act on them. This will give them the confidence and knowledge to avoid and recognize fraudulent e-mails.

Cyber Security Dashboard

Our well developed and advanced algorithm includes response results from simulated attacks, planned exercises and complete micro training. It compiles and evaluates results and presents them in an easy to understand dashboard, so that you can get a better overview of your employees’ levels of knowledge and awareness.

Fraud Assistance

If becoming a victim of identity theft or online fraud, it can be very difficult to know where to turn to, what to do or who can help you get it sorted out. We want it to be easy and simple to take action when getting alerted, so that the consequences are minimal.

With our Fraud Assistance you do not have to worry about which fraud you are exposed to, or how complex it is – we support you. Our support is open 24/7 and we will assist and provide you with all the help, advice and answers you could need. 

Fraud Insurance

If you are exposed to fraud, there is often no insurance that covers your losses or provides the necessary legal assistance to help you in your time of need. 

We provide dedicated Fraud Insurance that covers eventual financial damage done to you, for example if your identity has been stolen or if you've had your account information stolen. The insurance also contains legal protection if it is a case that should be tried in court.


Do you want to know if you have been hacked?