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Partner with Defentry

Our product gives great value to your customer offering. Are you interested in becoming a partner and offering the Defentry solution to your customers or employees?

What is in it for our business partners?

Cybercrime is affecting more people than ever before. The need to increase ones protection online is becoming more important to both private individuals and small to medium-sized companies.

Long-term revenue from your customers

If you want to add an even greater value to your services, offer your customers to purchase Defenty's identity protection as a part of your customer offer. It will be of great value to them since 76 % of individuals are worried about identity theft online.

Making your customers feel safe online gives a sustained relationship with them and a long-term revenue for your company.

Why do partners choose Defentry

  • Extra value to your customer offer. You can add a new revenue stream and increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Easy to integrate. Fast and simple to implement with a ready to set up API solution. 
  • Always supported. Comprehensive and flexible support, both for you and your customers. We are always ready to help.
Some words from one of our partners

"As a safety agency we always strive to make it easier and safer to run a business. Defentry’s solution has added one more dimension to our SME offering as it teaches our clients how to strengthen their cyber security and avoid corporate fraud. We are glad to have partnered with Defentry in this vital task."

We offer three different models to our partners


  • White label solution

Our service is handled by us, but offered by you to your customers. We offer a white label solution that suits for both mobile and desktop, and in our platform your customers will feel safe and familiar. Everything will be branded with your company's logos and colors as a pre-packaged service offering.

  • Easy API setup

Defentry's modern REST API is easy to integrate and to enable fraud prevention capabilities in your own platforms. This is extra relevant in account take over prevention features, identity theft protection, KYC, payment solutions, cyber insurance and threat intelligence platforms.

  • A modular solution

Our solution is modular, allowing us to collaborate with our partners to tailor the best possible package, whether for B2B or B2C, premium or basic. 

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