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Defentry renews partnership with Scandinavian insurance company

Defentry is pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership with one of Scandinavias largest insurance companies. Who will continue to distribute Defentry’s full cyber safety suite to their partners and direct customers across Scandinavia for another two years.

For us at Defentry we are always extra excited when our partners choose to renew their contract. It is the utmost confirmation on the value of our offer. It is additionally pleasing when that partner is a large insurance company on the Scandinavian market. We believe Defentry's product offer is a perfect addition to an insurance offer. An insurance cover often comes into use when the damage is already done. With Defentry's proactive monitoring of both the dark web and government data an insurance customer will be covered even before the insurance would have to be used.

We are very happy about the opportunity to continue our journey together with this very important partner for us. We have had a close collaboration since the start of 2021 and we have achieved great results. We are now looking forward to the next step in our collaboration with a commitment in bringing proactive cyber security to the people. says Farid Lalami, CEO of Defentry


About Defentry AB

Defentry's mission is to safeguard digital lives and put an end to identity theft. With an increasing demand for identity and privacy protection, Defentry is changing the landscape of cyber security. Through our B2B partner distribution of our cyber safety platform (SaaS) we offer consumers and small enterprises proactive monitoring of their personal data. We alert our users when their data is leaked or when they are exposed to an attempt of intrusion. Defentry ensures that our customers are not exposed to identity theft, business fraud or hacked accounts.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne
Head of Marketing, Defentry AB
+46 73 109 48 94