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Netin Turva will start to distribute Defentry’s platform

Defentry is pleased to announce our new partner Netin Turva, who will distribute Defentry’s full cyber safety suite to the consumer market in Finland.

Netin Turva is a cyber security company in Finland who specialized in VPN services to the local consumer market. And they will now add Defentry’s other cyber safety solutions to form a complete cyber security offer that will help consumers in Finland to stay safe online.

VPN service makes your movements online more difficult to track. And it is therefore a very good match with Defentry’s solutions for proactive threat monitoring where we scan the darkweb for stolen user data. And also monitor signs of ongoing identity fraud. Like credit being taken in the users name.

Netin Turva will launch the distribution of the Defentry platform in October and we expect this partnership will result in several thousand new users to our already growing platform.

But most of all, we look forward to offer better cyber security to the consumers in Finland. And we believe this is a service that every consumer in the Nordic countries would benefit from having.


About Defentry AB

Defentry's mission is to safeguard digital lives and put an end to identity theft. With an increasing demand for identity and privacy protection, Defentry is changing the landscape of cyber security. Through our B2B partner distribution of our cyber safety platform (SaaS) we offer consumers and small enterprises proactive monitoring of their personal data. We alert our users when their data is leaked or when they are exposed to an attempt of intrusion. Defentry ensures that our customers are not exposed to identity theft, business fraud or hacked accounts.

About Netin Turva

Netin Turva is an innovative information security provider that makes digital security available to everyone. We use advanced technology and always put the customer’s interest first. We are also happy to help with general questions related to information security and smart devices.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne
Head of Marketing, Defentry AB
+46 73 109 48 94