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Miss Group will now offer Defentry’s services to all their customers

Defentry and Miss Group enter into a strategic partnership to provide proactive help against cyber crime and identity theft.

Miss Group hosts more than one million web sites and provides 120 000 servers globally. Hacker attacks with the aim of both hi-jacking corporations and stealing personal data are an ongoing threat to everybody in our society today. Many individuals and SME’s lack basic protection. With a large customer base and wide reach, Miss Group is therefore the perfect carrier for offering this vital protection to large layers of the population. Defentry’s cyber safety suite will monitor, alert and support Miss Group’s customers to prevent corporate hijacking and identity theft online.

“We are incredibly happy and excited that Defentry has entered into a partnership with Miss Group. Miss Group is one of the fastest growing web hosting groups in several different markets in the world. Their customer group includes range from small and medium-sized companies to enterprise organizations.” says Farid Lalami, CCO at Defentry.

The cyber safety suite is fully automated and suitable for many small and medium-sized companies that have high digital ambitions, but have not been as focused on security.

“Defentry's growth strategy is to grow together with our partners and we are looking very much forward to launching together with Miss Group in several European markets during the spring.” says Farid Lalami.

“We always strive to offer our customers the best possible solutions and service, Defentry will play an important role of protecting our customers both as individuals but also from a corporate perspective. In todays online society our personal data is more vulnerable than ever, cyber protection is an important part as we evolve in the digital sphere. Being a company offering online services to almost a million customers we see it as our responsibility to also help them protect themselves online. We are looking forward to create great things and a safer online precense with Defentry” says Fredrik Björklund, CEO & Co-Founder of Miss Group.

About Defentry AB

Defentry's mission is to safeguard digital lives and put an end to identity theft. With an increasing demand for identity and privacy protection, Defentry is changing the landscape of cyber security. Through our B2B partner distribution of our cyber safety platform (SaaS) we offer consumers and small enterprises proactive monitoring of their personal data. We alert our users when their data is leaked or when they are exposed to an attempt of intrusion. Defentry ensures that our customers are not exposed to identity theft, business fraud or hacked accounts.

About Miss Group

Founded in 2014, Miss Group is an international web hosting group that offers a range of hosting related services at competitive prices including web hosting, domain registration, VPS, dedicated servers, website builder, SSL-Certificate, SEO Tools, web security and domain management. Miss Group is also an ICANN-accredited Domain Name registrar via Name ISP. Miss Group is a well-established operator in its core markets, with a customer service-oriented model driving industry-leading performance metrics for its >800,000 web hosting customers. The majority of Miss Group is owned by Perwyn, a European private equity company.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne
Head of Marketing, Defentry AB
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