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Loan broker soon to launch Defentry's product in Sweden and Norway

Defentry is pleased to announce that one of the leading loan brokers for consumer loans on the Swedish and Norwegian markets will soon start to offer Defentry’s cyber safety suite as a part of their value added offer to their customers.

The company has an existing customer base of more than 700 000 customers and Defentry’s platform will be packaged in their own brand. To be offered as a free trial with a limited package. And as a premium service with an extensive product offer.'

“We are very happy seeing our first partner in the loan broker industry and we believe it is a perfect match. Becoming a victim of identity theft can quickly put a consumer in a financially very stressful situation with the risk of not being able to pay mortgages and interest. With catastrophic effects as a result. Our cyber safety platform will immediately warn any loan customer when we see signs of ongoing identity theft. Such as credit reports or changes in government data. And thus we can help customers to a much safer everyday life.” says Farid Lalami, CEO of Defentry

The launch of the offer is expected during December.


About Defentry AB

Defentry's mission is to safeguard digital lives and put an end to identity theft. With an increasing demand for identity and privacy protection, Defentry is changing the landscape of cyber security. Through our B2B partner distribution of our cyber safety platform (SaaS) we offer consumers and small enterprises proactive monitoring of their personal data. We alert our users when their data is leaked or when they are exposed to an attempt of intrusion. Defentry ensures that our customers are not exposed to identity theft, business fraud or hacked accounts.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne
Head of Marketing, Defentry AB
+46 73 109 48 94