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Defentry closes late seed round on journey to safeguard digital lives

Cyber safety company Defentry has raised EUR 1.63 million in a recent investment round to fund growth in the Nordic market and initiate international expansion.

The financing round was led by Spintop Ventures. Founders, existing shareholders and new private investors participated. The capital will be used to continue scaling Defentry’s personal data protection platform in cooperation with large partners. Defentry's proactive platform protects all types of personal digital information online for people in the Nordics and Northern Europe.

Defentry addresses an alarming problem. In 2020, 16 billion personal data records were exposed through data breaches.

There is a wide array of information types included in the term personal data. And that data and information is interlinked with our different roles in life as private individuals, professionals, and family members.

That means protection of personal data is not just about protecting the individual. It is about protecting companies and organisations as well. And even the society as a whole.

Defentry has a distinct approach to protect a wide range of personal data with a suite of service components powered by one single platform. Defentry puts the individual at the center, assisting to immediately address and resolve threats. The go-to-market model is proven with the first major partners in the Nordics and allows for attractive scaling.

Many organisation's security and compliance tools focus on safeguarding endpoints and system vulnerabilities. But they struggle to safeguard against human vulnerability. To stop today’s advanced attacks, businesses need to focus on protecting end users by adopting a human-centric approach. Defentry is here to build a safer world. We have developed the first human centric cyber safety platform. It’s only when we enlighten and educate us that we can build a safer digital world together”-says Christer Hernestig Co-founder and CEO

Digital identity theft and other fraudulent use of personal data is a massive problem, becoming a major threat to all the positive benefits of digitalisation. The Defentry platform makes it easy to add personal data protection to a digital service proposition, as well as for companies to provide personal data protection to their employees. Defentry has a proven technology platform and a scalable distribution model. Spintop is excited to continue to support Defentry in building a better and safer digital world”– says Finn Persson, at Spintop Ventures

About Defentry

Defentry is a Nordic cyber safety company that provides a real-time 24/7 digital monitoring and alert service.  Defentry’s SaaS platform collects global data and perform analyses on critical cyber threats. The data is aggregated and processed in Defentry’s analytics engine to proactively identify data related to fraud. The outcome of the analysis is automatically translated into warnings to companies or end-users with proposed actions on next steps - all to reduce the risk of fraud.

Press contact
Christer Hernestig, CEO
+46 73 230 73 00