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Defentry has recruited a CTO to the management team

Defentry is a technology company within the cyber security industry. We focus on protecting our users data from being exploited in hacking attempts. As such we hold our own security at high standards and it is with great pleasure we can announce that our new CTO Andreas Wasberg has now joined our team.

Andreas comes from a recent position as CTO at Forex and as such he has security and compliance close at heart. We believe he is perfect for leading our tech team in the continued development of our platform.

“Security and identity verification has always been a key part in banking and now at Defentry I will be able to further focus on these two subjects that have always sparked my interest.” says Andreas.

With the addition of Andreas to our management team. Our CPO Johan Heikensten who have also been acting CTO will now be able to fully focus on our product development. And raise the bar even further on how to keep our users data safe going forward.

About Defentry

Defentry is a Nordic cyber safety company that provides a real-time 24/7 digital monitoring and alert service.  Defentry’s SaaS platform collects global data and perform analyses on critical cyber threats. The data is aggregated and processed in Defentry’s analytics engine to proactively identify data related to fraud. The outcome of the analysis is automatically translated into warnings to companies or end-users with proposed actions on next steps - all to reduce the risk of fraud.

Press contact
Emilia Trollmåne, Head of Marketing
+46 73 145 91 50