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Sensor Försäkring enters into a strategic partnership with Defentry

Sensor Försäkring Norden AB and Defentry AB enters into a strategic partnership to expand the digital offering of Sensor Försäkring with Defentry's cyber safety suite. Digital threats and fraudulent use of our personal data is a massive and rapidly growing global problem. It is becoming a major threat to individuals and corporations alike. Many of us are unaware that our private data has leaked and is posted for sale in hidden hacker forums on Darknet. And without awareness we are unable to take action before it is too late and we become the victim of identity fraud.

A survey conducted by Kantar Sifo showed that between 2020 and 2021, 3.4 million Swedes were exposed to fraud attempts. And 179.000 of those attempts were successful.*

Partnership aimed at preventing identity theft claims

Starting from December 2022 all customers of Sensor will be offered Defentry's technology for cyber safety and it will become a part of Sensor's competitive insurance offer. The partnership aims at creating a safer digital environment and meet the increasing customer demand for new and better identity protection products.

"With Defentry's platform we can create new digital channels and tighter customer relationships that add value to our existing insurance offer. We truly believe that the role of a good and modern insurance product is not only to compensate customers for claims. But also to help prevent claims altogether." says Joakim Ström, Partner at Sensor Försäkring

Special with Defentry's cyber safety platform is that it monitor's people's personal data for appearance on open web, dark web and deep web. As well as in governmental and credit bureau databases. The platform will proactively alert when finding customer data so that the customer can react in time. The platform acts as a claims prevention tool helping Sensor's customers avoid identity theft and frauds altogether. And is therefore a perfect complement to a regular insurance.

"We are really happy to welcome Sensor Försäkring to the Defentry family of partners. We have created a flexible, totally scalable and GDPR compliant platform. It is perfect for insurers who wish to boost their insurance products, prevent cyber claims and increase cust

omer loyalty in a simple customer centric manner." says Farid Lalami, Chief Commercial Officer at Defentry

* https://www.svd.se/a/753rOB/kraftig-okning-av-id-kapningar-i-sverige

About Defentry AB

Defentry's mission is to safeguard digital lives and put an end to identity theft. With an increasing demand for identity and privacy protection, Defentry is changing the landscape of cyber security. Through our partner network and our cyber safety platform we offer consumers and small enterprises proactive monitoring of their personal data. We alert our users when their data is leaked or when they are exposed to an attempt of intrusion. Defentry ensures that our customers are not exposed to identity theft, business fraud or hacked accounts.

About Sensor Försäkring Norden AB

Sensor is today the fastest growing company with focus on insurance mediation of private insurance in Sweden and was recently acquired by Söderberg & Partners. Sensor Försäkrings's purpose is helping to make the world a safer place and ensuring that people are not exposed to identity theft or data intrusion.

Press contact Defentry AB
Emilia Trollmåne, Head of Marketing
+46 73 145 91 50
Press contact Sensor Försäkring Norden AB
Joakim Ström, Partner
+46 73 145 91 50