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Mysafety insurance and Defentry logotypes next to each other

mySafety Insurance starts a partnership with Defentry

mySafety Insurance, the Nordic region's leading player in ID protection insurance, will work with cyber security company Defentry to offer its clients protection against identity hijacking and other identity fraud.

Last year, 166.000 Swedes had their identities hijacked*. This means that ID hijacking continues to be one of Sweden's most common crimes. mySafety Insurance offers a complete ID protection that includes guarding, personal assistance, legal assistance, legal aid and financial compensation for the victim.

Now mySafety is using Defentry to update the monitoring element, which includes, among other things, surveillance of the customer's identity, around the clock, around the world, both in the public network and Deep web and Dark web. mySafety´s customers will also receive an updated customer experience through new user interfaces from Defentry´s ID-security platform.

"ID hijacking affects everyone, no matter where you live, how old you are or whether you are male or female. The fraudsters are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, which is why we see that our product is needed more than ever. We look forward, together with Defentry, to continue to offer the best ID protection on the market.” says Daniel Elfvendahl, CEO of mySafety Group.

Defentry was founded in Sweden in 2015 and is based on a proprietary platform that handles society's increased demands for personal integrity and security. Defentry collects and processes data to help consumers and businesses avoid infringement and fraud easily and user friendly."This collaboration is a tremendous message of strength for Defentry and shows that we are the leading innovator and supplier of technology in ID-security. We have quickly established ourselves in a growing market with ever-increasing demand and this is proof that we have an offer that attracts the very leading Nordic players. It is precisely Defentry's technology and qualitative data that puts us in a special position on the market.” says Christer Hernestig, CEO of Defentry.

mySafety Försäkringar AB started its business in 1999 and has been owned by Litorina since 2007. Today, the company is a leader in ID protection in Sweden, Norway and Finland. mySafety also mediates other special insurance policies such as deductibles, net rate, card, car and passport insurance.

* Based on a Sifo survey conducted on behalf of mySafety Insurance. The respondents were interviewed in June 2019 and include a national representative sample of 4201 persons aged 16-74 years.

About mySafety Insurance
mySafety Insurance has been challenging the insurance industry for 20 years with innovative solutions for both new and old problems and crimes. We are a leader in ID protection insurance as well as other security services that simplify everyday life. Through partners and our own channels, we offer insurance to private individuals and companies in the Nordic region. mySafety is available to you every day, around the clock.
mySafety Insurance is part of the mySafety Group. For more information, please visit www.mysafety.se

Press Contact:
Susanna Salomon, PR Manager mySafety Insurance
Email: susanna.salomon@mysafety.se
Phone: 070 333 92 76

About Defentry
Defentry is an international cyber security company based in Sweden. Defentry has developed the proprietary ID security platform GNA, which, together with world-leading experts and organizations, works to combat ID hijacking and hacked accounts. Together, risks are foreseen, given advice and found new solutions that prevent infringement and fraud. The goal is to make both end consumers and employees less exposed online and give them all back control of their identity. For more information, please visit www.defentry.com

Press Contact:
Christer Hernestig, CEO Defentry
Email: christer@defentry.com
Phone: 073 230 73 00