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Defentry adds SaaS profile to the board of directors

Helen has an extensive background from leadership roles in multiple SaaS companies such as Kognity and DPOrganizer and has now entered the board of directors at a time when the company is entering massive growth. She has also been the CEO for a consultancy specialized in implementing cloud based marketing automation tools before the term SaaS was commonly used. Besides Defentry, Helen has 3 board memberships. One of them being Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB.

What do you feel about joining Defentry’s board of directors?

Defentry now enters exactly that phase where my past experience can contribute the most. The business case is already proven and now comes the time for Defentry to really scale up. That means the company must become more mature and disciplined in its structure. While at the same time not loose its entrepreneurial soul. I have been through that phase in other companies before and I love that phase.

Give us your view on Defentry today?

Defentry operates on the cyber security market which attracts massive media and consumer interest right now due to constant cyber attacks we get to hear about. The challenge for Defentry is to make the insurance market, which is the most logical distributor of these protection services to come on board.

What would you state as the path to success?

Defentry must take ownership and become really active in their communication to the market. I have seen what type of data and insights Defentry possess regarding data breaches and leaks. With Defentry’s super strong team we can show insurers how urgent the consumer need is, and I am sure they will jump on board one by one.

Do you use Defentry’s product yourself?

The fact is that a family member has just been hacked. Both Facebook and Instagram accounts are locked and have been so for two weeks now. It’s just starting to sink in with her that those accounts aren’t coming back. That’s why insurers with their protective service are the perfect carriers of our product. And I am definitely using the Defentry solution from now on.