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White hat hackers invest in Defentry and join the advisory board

Dan Egerstad and Adam Ljungrell, owners of Bemaze Group and white hat hackers, become shareholders of Defentry.

Defentry takes a huge leap to increase cyber security. Dan Egerstad made headlines globally after disclosing governmental data leaked online. His action shed light on the cyber threat and lack of proper security. Egerstad and his partner, Adam Ljungrell, will now consult Defentry to further develop its safety net for companies.

Egerstad and Ljungrell run Bemaze Group AB. Both are experts within IT and cyber security. They will, with no doubt, contribute enormously to the company.

"This is great news. With the help of Dan and Adam we can prevent larger frauds at companies. Their competence is rare, and very valuable." said Defentry co-founder Farid Lalami.