Former managers at Ericsson, Hakon Invest & NTT Security joins cybersecurity company Defentry

Defentry has had a great growth the past 6 months. The company acquired 3,6 million SEK in funding at the year end of 2018 and recruited two world-famous white-hat hackers, Dan Egerstad and Adam Ljungrell, as shareholders and advisors.

Now, Defentry has officially recruited a new board of directors that will serve the company in its future growth and positioning on the market. The new board members are Göran Hesseborn (Apoteket Hjärtat, Hakon Invest, et al.), Jan Wäreby (Ericsson, RISE, Tobii, et al.), Henrik Davidsson (NTT, Cisco, et al.) and Oskar Norin (Ramirent, Com Hem, Telenor, et al.)

Short presentation and quote from each new board member:

Göran Hesseborn

Has many years of experience as a CFO at companies like the Swedish pharmacy chain Apoteket Hjärtat, food-service provider Menigo Foodservice, Hakon Invest (ICA) and Spendrups. Göran has a seat in other boards as well, amongst those of Solera Beverage Group, Pumped Hydro Storage,, Kinexit, et al. His areas of expertise are IPOs [Initial Public Offerings], M&A [Mergers & Acquisitions], Turn-arounds, and strategy.

"Everyone is talking about the challenges with cybersecurity and data privacy. Defentry really can make the safer digital society possible. We’re facing an important change and I look forward to make this journey."team

Jan Wäreby

A key person at Ericsson: he was part of its corporate managerial board, managed the deal between Sony and Ericsson and held the position as Global Head of Sales. Jan also sits on the board of directors at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden Holding), Tobii, Gapwaves AB and INCELL
International, et al.

"Cybersecurity is very high on every companies agenda. With Defentry’s focus on securing individual security, it’s a new and very important segment complementing a lot of solutions for enterprises. Defentry, with its very competent team, is very advanced in this area. I look forward to contribute in growing Defentry going forward."

Henrik Davidsson

Has worked at security companies, from startups to big corporations, in the Nordics as well as international.

Few Swedes has the extensive international experience within the security market as Henrik. His latest position was Nordic Head of Sales at NTT Security, but he has also occupied key positions at Cisco, FireEye, Juniper, WMware, et al.

"Knowing the value of your digital identity is pivotal in today’s digitilized world and it spans both your personal digital identity as well as your digital identity in the organization you work for. Defentry takes a new approach for revisioning how organizations and individuals alike can help in improving the risk posture."

Oskar Norin

Oskar is currently CTO at Defentry. He joined the company in May 2018 and is an IT pro with a broad experience from the telco industry. He previously worked at Ramirent Group as an IT architect and Integrations Manager. Prior to that, Oskar worked within IT at telco giants such as Com Hem, Telenor and Bredbandsbolaget.