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A true design star joins us. We welcome Johan Heikensten to our team

Coming with a solid 15 years of design experience, Johan has worked in some of the best design agencies and will bring Defentry's cyber safety platform to new heights of user experience.

Johan is a true design star and has previously worked at Frog Design in multiple markets like Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and the United States. That way he has influenced the user experience of several global products. His expertise and passion in product design is pivotal as Defentry are now scaling internationally. 

Until now, cyber safety has never been the domain to offer the best of user experience and as we invite Johan, we are determined to change that and exceed every of our user's expectations in our cyber safety platform. 

Johan is a sucker for learning new things, which is why he has become a complete podcast addict and literally spends hours listening to podcasts. (some of his suggestions are 99% Invisible, Freakonomics, Change Agent and Exponent) He’s also a spontaneous traveler and has worked his way around the world a couple of times, doing everything from being an extra in a movie in Kenya to working as a dive guide in Malaysia.

I have always been annoyed by products that require me to share more of my data than they actually need. So when I got in contact with Defentry and realised what they were doing, it seemed like the perfect fit. Add on top that Defentry is the friendliest workplace I have ever been to. I am sure we will create wonders together.” says Johan Heikensten.