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What we do for our customers

Customer engagement is the most important driver for a sustained relationship with your customers and driving long-term value for your company.

Due to lack of expertise, time, and available resources - companies, large and small, lack digital cyber safety solutions. 90% of successful hacks and personal data breaches stem from phishing emails. People need simplified digital cyber safety tools that guide and protect against an ever-evolving cybercrime landscape.

We provide a digital solutions suite that meets the accelerating need for digital protection for enterprises, both small and medium, individuals which drives engagement.

What does the Defentry cyber safety solution bring?

  1. Attract new users, customers and partners

  2.  Strengthen offers to existing users, customers, partners and employees

  3. Differentiate yourself from competitors with new smart services and features

  4. Create new sources of revenue

Why do partners choose Defentry

  1. Increased customer engagement
  2. Fast and easy to implement solutions for all target groups
  3. Digital Experience optimization to drive value and engagement for your company
  4. Comprehensive and flexible support

What is in it for our business partners?

Our current partners work with us because they are aiming to provide new relevant digital services to increase innovation and drive new recurring revenue streams. Defentry's cyber safety platform drives value and loyalty with our customers

Modular solutions

The solutions are modular and adaptable to you and your customers' needs. With our partners we define target groups, understand the user's needs and tailor the solution to best fit delivery channels and markets.

Proven best practice models

Drive ancillary revenues with digital cyber safety services. Become a business partner to Defentry with proven market packages for SMEs, employees, and B2C customers. Defentry has proven best practice models of conversion, activation and upgrading of users.

Speed to market and easy to implement solutions

Turn key solution for partners with the market's best Digital Safety platform delivered as an API, White-label solution with web and mobile apps or Defentry branded. Defenty's support team implements the best solution within 30 days.

Find out how we can become business partners and accelerate recurring revenues for your company.


Value-Added for partners

We are always looking for value added partnerships. To ensure high quality services we always apply a proven evaluation process covering commercial, organizational and technical assessments.


We have three partner categories:

Value Added Service Partner

By partnering with Defentry you can deliver cyber safety solutions for your customers as a value added service. This will add new revenue streams, customer engagement and loyalty as well as enabling ID fraud protection for the end users.

Employee safety partners

The Defentry solutions enable Employee safety for your organisation by introducing individual and company account take over prevention, monitoring and alerts of data associated with fraud, as well as cyber security awareness training.

Eco-system partner

We develop and deliver our own solutions as well as having an open eco-system with API integration partners and service providers. Become a data, feature or service provider to our eco-system and thereby being part of our mission in making the digital world a safer place for individuals and companies.

Defentry is offering three different GTM models to our partners:

White label solution

Modular based and easy to integrate. Have your own branded fraud protection offering up and running in no time using Defentry's white label solution. Use a pre-packaged service offering or chose modules to deliver yourself. Both mobile and desktop interface as well as eco-system of supporting services.

API solution

Integrate with Defentry's modern REST APIs to enable fraud prevention capabilities in your own platforms. Relevant for example in account take over prevention features, identity theft protection, KYC, payment solutions, cyber insurance and threat intelligence platforms.

Defentry branded product

Would you like to resell or deliver a prepackaged cyber safety product? The Defentry branded product, in mobile and desktop version, is ready to go to safeguard your users' and customers' digital life.

Why being an Eco-system partner with Defentry?

Defentry is used by Insurance and Security companies as well as SME and consumer focused organisations to deliver a white label top-class fraud prevention solution. You can become part of this solution as an eco-system service provider

Addresses an urgent problem

ID-theft and Fraud is an escalating problem. The solution to the problem is not to deliver one capability, but many.

Enable your capabilities where it gives impact

Defentry has 100 000+ users - consumers, employees and company representatives - enable your fraud protection capabilities via the Defentry platform for reach and impact.

Modular based platform and business model

Both the platform and business model allows for packaging and supplier agreements of high value for all parties.

High IT and Information Security Standards

Defentry takes IT and Information Security very seriously and follows standardized Security frameworks as well as being GDPR compliant.

Defentry provides
  • Relevant and innovative digital services - Adressing customer needs and enhancing current value proposition.
  • Customer base digital activation and retention.
  • Subscription service as new revenue.
  • End to End solution - full-service suite, single partner interface with API implementation.
"Identity frauds affects everyone. The fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated, which is why we look forward, together with Defentry, to continue to offer the best fraud prevention service on the market.”

Example offering for SME: Customer view

Identify fraud protection for the company and the employees:


  1. Proactive protection with monitor and alarms

    Through a simple registration, you have your social security number, email addresses, mobile number as well as credit card information monitored on the Dark and Deep web, where stolen data from data breaches unfortunately often ends up.

  2. Coaching and cyber safety training

    In the service, you get online advice on possible alarms from your guards. As the best way to combat identity fraud and intrusions is knowledge, gamified cyber safety training with simulated attacks is also included. 

  3. Assistance and insurance

    Regardless of whether you are exposed to identity fraud or have other questions, you have access to our assistance with knowledgeable employees who guide and help fix problems. In addition, an insurance with legal protection is included that covers parts of your possible costs that have arisen as a result of the fraud.

What is Defentry Cyber Safety Platform?

The platform and eco system safeguard your digital life with one single interface. Consisting of modular build service layers and intelligent validation of multiple data sources the platform enables a tailored end to end solution.



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