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Personal & Company Data Monitoring

When ID-theft is committed, criminals can use your identity to purchase things and enter into financial agreements. When they collect the goods, you get the bill. Our Personal & Company Data Monitoring provides alerts to prevent this.


Social Security Monitoring

Your social security number is a key identifier in many governmental databases. When there is a change related to your SSN without you initiating the change, you are a potential victim of fraud. By monitoring your SSN on dark web, governmental databases and credit bureaus you can stay ahead of fraud.


Passport number monitoring

If your passport information is stolen, it may be used for fraudulent activities. With our Dark Web Monitoring we can defend your interests and minimise the risk of monetary losses for both companies and end users.


Company ID monitoring

Your company may suffer unauthorized changes linked to your company commitments, for instance, alterations made to address information, changes on the board or payment remarks. If this is the case, we will alert you so countermeasures can be taken.


Company email account monitoring

One of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to access massive amounts of data is through email account takeovers. The hijacked email, and sometimes also hijacked passwords, can be used as a tool to change the passwords and access proprietary company data where it can be then sold on the dark web. And it is not uncommon that users use the same passwords in their private social media account as their corporate account. We monitor your company email accounts, as well as private accounts, and alert you if any suspicious activity occurs.


Cloud Storage account takeover prevention

Cloud storage has become an integral part of modern businesses and it is extremely important to secure digital assets.

However, if even one individual within a company becomes careless, a breach can occur at any time. To prevent and minimize the risk of hijacked accounts, we monitor the dark web for emails and company accounts and lower the risk of cloud storage account take overs.


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