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Bank Fraud Prevention

Fraudsters can take over your bank account and make unauthorized transactions. They can also use your possibly stolen Bank cards details available on the dark/deep web. Our Bank Fraud Prevention solutions notifies you about suspicious bank transactions as well as if your bank cards are found on the dark/deep web.


Bank Account Monitoring

Bank accounts can be overtaken by fraudsters leading to unauthorized transactions. Transactions can also go wrong through mistakes made by individuals, the transaction counterpart or by the bank. By connecting your accounts to our Bank Account Monitoring Service, you will be given the power to see any suspicious activity yourself. The solution is enabled trough our integrations with licensed PSD2 partners.


Bank Card Monitoring

The dark web is flooded with stolen data about bank cards. We monitor the dark web for your bank card details and if they are ever leaked, we give you an early warning so you can take proper precautions and ensure no one is making purchases in your name.


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