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Our data

The world's largest breach databases fuel our products

Internally and Externally sourced  collected breach data as well as integrations with credit bureau databases, open banking partners and governmental lay the foundation for preventing fraud before it happens.

Our Data

At Defentry we have some of the best white hackers in the world working with us in-house. With more than 20 years of experience, they have pioneered finding stolen data on the deep and dark web. In 2016 we became the first European company to launch Dark Web Monitoring for individuals. We take great pride in being your trusted guardians and safeguarding the digital life of individuals and organisations.

Our ecosystem is a unified and human-centric platform. With the most comprehensive data aggregation to utilize, we prevent data breaches and reduce the risk of attacks from multiple sources.

By gathering information from governmental and credit databases and combining it with integrations on several global databases, we can help both individuals and organisations being notified on unauthorized activities or suspicious changes. Whether that concern credit cards, credit ratings, unauthorized address changes, or replacement of board members.

Data process

Our multi-level approach to source data comes from a combination of manual searches by our experienced white hackers, advanced automated machine searches and a collaborative effort together with our partners where we aggregate data from. This is an ongoing, ever evolving process, combining our own and our vendors’ data so we can provide coverage like no one else.

In case of a new breach, all information is cross-referenced with the entirety of our collected data. We immediately check your personally identifiable information against all available data and alert you if any of your information is at risk.

We recognise the trust placed in us and take great responsibility in our mission. We have strong moral beliefs when it comes to safeguarding our users. We never abuse personal data or reveal any of our sources to people outside of affected users or the IT security community. We never pay anyone selling personal data.

However, in some cases, we will have to pay for invites and access/credits to markets.

Do you want to know more?

We provide full coverage solutions and customised plans tailored to your exact needs. We want to be your trusted guardians safeguarding your digital life.

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