Purism - The Future Of Mobile Security And Privacy

With the prediction that there will be over 6 billion mobile phone users by 2020, the number one question is how secure is your smartphone? Nowadays, it is primarily a pocket-sized computer, containing a plethora of personal information that is at significant risk of cyberattack. Apple iOS and Google Android, huge for-profit organizations, control most of the market and track your every move. Up until recently, there has been no ethical option or alternative choices for consumers concerned about their privacy. About to be launched, Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone is a significant piece of technology and “intends to be that option.”

A Social Purpose Corporation

Purism is a not a for-profit corporation, it’s ethical standards are important, and it is clearly focussed on our security, freedom, privacy and independence. Founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco it manufactures laptops, tablets and phones explicitly designed to protect our digital lives. State of the art privacy-centric security features are built into each product and components are sourced to be privacy-respecting and offer free software. Purism is taking privacy and security to a new level and offering us a new and logical choice for today.

A crowdfunded company, it raised over $1.1 million during its first year of operation.

Initially, it was known for Librem 11 to 15, high-end laptops which have raised in excess of $2.5 million in funding and been extremely successful products. Today, it is crowdfunding with Gnome and KDE and is shortly to launch Librem 5, a smartphone that is about to shake the market with its free, high-level privacy and security features.


Devices That Do Not Track You

Purism firmly believes that computers and phones should not be allowed to track us or exploit our digital life and personal data. All the products created by Purism are innovatively designed to protect us, from the motherboard itself to the chosen apps.

Each device has hardware "kill switches" which can sever connections to our data, microphone, camera and GPS. Hardware backdoors are neutralized, and the top privacy apps are preinstalled. This includes the Linux operating system, QubesOS, which is recommended as the ultimate defense against tracking and all varieties of cyberthreats.

From Principle To Product

Handily crowdfunded, Purism is a fantastic example of a totally new consumer model in the electronics market. Its revolutionary products would not exist without the benefits of open-source and crowdfunding, as venture capitalists and manufacturers have little interest in allowing consumers to take back control. It allows us to opt for products that respect total freedom, from proprietary software to chipsets, and users can contribute to specifying precisely what they really want.

Purism believes that software should be auditable and freely accessible, so it is written by the community in collaboration with other like-minded groups. Source code is public and fully protected, with no need for registration and no licenses. Software is free and can be modified to suit your needs, whether you purchase a product or not.

Librem 5 Smartphone Unveiled

During 2017, Purism announced plans for the groundbreaking Librem 5 and began crowdfunding for the project. This is a smartphone which will run on PureOS free software and focus entirely on "security by design and privacy protection by default", using end-to-end encrypted, decentralized communication. The phone has been developed in cooperation with both GNOME and KDE and has some revolutionary security features, including separation of the baseband processor from the CPU.

The accessibility of the modern smartphone has come at a price. Industry leaders have ensnared us into a cycle of purchasing new hardware and phones are designed to continually track our behaviour and analyze our habits, often exploiting this information. The Librem 5 smartphone will protect our data and digital life with free, open source software, transparency, open governance, and a host of extra security features.

  • Librem 5 is not based on Android or iOS
  • Runs on PureOS, a free, open source and ethical operating system
  • Emphasizes user security and choice
  • Users can easily install other distributions
  • Security advantages of Linux distribution
  • Availability of security tools like Privacy Badger and Tor browser
  • Applications run in isolation so any compromise will not affect the entire system
  • VPN service
  • Default IP-based communication & end-to-end encryption
  • Separation of the CPU from the Baseband processor
  • Hardware kill switches for WiFi, webcam, microphone & baseband

Raising The Technology Security Bar

Now eagerly awaited by worldwide supporters, the Librem 5 will allow you to actively support digital privacy and invest in a free, open environment which is driven by users. This is a phone that is for all of us who are interested in protecting our data and communicating privately. It brings the opportunity to create a future protected from digital exploitation and a more secure environment.

Users will love Librem 5 as it puts us completely in control and is immune to cybersecurity and tracking threats.

For developers, Librem 5 allows the control of software and provides the freedom to own the purchased hardware.

Any size of business will benefit from Librem 5 as it is security focused, protecting intellectual property and private data by default.

Technology lovers and IT specialists alike will enjoy Librem 5 as the source code is fully auditable and can be tightly and easily integrated.

Purism is placing data control back in our hands and blocking outside access to our private email, videos, photos, texts and usage information. This is a truly open source phone, with Purism providing the foundations and much of the development being brought about by the community. Keep your eyes open for the imminent launch of Librem 5 - this is a phone that was made for users and steps into the future of cybersecurity and protecting our rights.