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The term is often mistaken with the deep web. The web is divided into two parts: the open web and the deep web. Dark web is a small part of the deep web. Please see definitions below.

Dark web

The open web is defined as the part of Internet that is visible to search engines, so basically visible to anybody who enters the web through any of the most common web browsers, like Safari, Explorer, Chrome, etc.

The deep web is the joint term for sites that are not accessible through search engines and are password protected, such as your bank account, or LinkedIn profile.

Dark web is an expression used for sites that are only accessible through specific software, most commonly a server called Tor. The sites allow the owners and its visitors to stay anonymous. The content itself is, in contrary of what most people seem to think, quite visible. You just need the right site and tool to access it.

It is estimated that the dark web makes up around 0,1% of the total web, not counting sites that are also visible on the rest of the web. Facebook, as an example, exists on the dark web as well as open and deep web.

All the criminal forums, such as the black market for credentials, drugs, paedophilia sites, etc. are usually on the dark web.

If you have a protection of your data, we will warn you as soon as we find it where it shouldn’t be. Our platform scans the open, deep and dark web. If our technology finds a match with your registered data, you will be notified. That way, you can quickly take the appropriate measures to cancel or change data and avoid a breach into your account or an identity theft or fraud.

Please search the dark web above to see if you have been hacked.

You cannot prevent a leak, unfortunately. The majority of leaks happen because of malicious outsiders or accidental loss. For example, a hacker that hacks in to a company database to access customer lists or an employee who fails to store customer data securely.

What you can do is to secure your data through Defentry. In case of a leak, we will notify you so that you can take immediate action and protect your customers data.

Always take appropriate and secure measures when you store corporate data. Ask other employees with authority to take a second check to make sure you have secured your data properly.

In case of a leak, we will warn you. That way, you can prevent breaches into your customers’ accounts, and the negative PR that usually comes with it.