Gna is a godess within the nordic mythology. She is a messenger to be called in case of urgent errands. With the help of her horse, Hofvarpnir, she travels through different worlds, through air and atop the sea. Gna stands for ‘the tireless,’ which is exactly what our platform is. That’s how our product GNA got its name. GNA maps the web and instantly alert suspicious activities related to our users’ data.

GNA enters the deepest and darkest parts of the Internet, and collects data from financial partners and governmental institutions. That is what makes our platform a leading product on the market. Besides notifying you in case of a breach in your company, we make sure you get insights, reports and news about the latest trends within cybersecurity.

We give you control of your own data. Be wise. Be your own hero.



You can choose to access and integrate our GNA platform into your own channels to keep track of threats and get alerts.

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White Label

If you want to use our already developed channels, you can simply brand them with your logo and give your customers access to set up their own private accounts.


If you don’t have an app but would like to offer one, we can build one for you and tailor it to meet your needs, expectations and type of users.

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Coach Me

Our Coach Concept is developed to support you as a manager, IT security manager, product owner, Chief Information Officer, CEO, etc. Every month we bring up an issue that the experts have identified and package it into a step-by-step guide to help and educate businesses and their staff on how to tackle it. As an example: we help you build cases for your board to increase IT budget, develop security processes for your staff, predict cybersecurity threats and how to act in case of a ransomware.

Our mission is to support you and your business when it comes to cybersecurity so that you can become as proactive as possible.

Why Defentry?

A long-term profitable service


Long-term customers: 68% our customers renew their annual subscription.

3.5 year

LTV is approx 3,5 years.

High profits and margins.

You choose the actual price against your end customer and retain the entire margin.

Creates a higher value for your customers.