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Meet our team

Our history

Defentry is founded by Christer Hernestig and Farid Lalami. They are both long term successful entrepreneurs and still active in the company, Christer as Chief Growth Officer and Farid as Chief Commercial Officer.

What was to become Defentry started to take form during 2014 when Christer himself became a victim of identity fraud. This affected his life both personally and professionally, but the experience made him realize that there was an unmet need. A product that could quickly identify and highlight an ongoing identity theft. As well as prevent it altogether, was the idea that became Defentry. Our first product was launched to the public in August 2015 and we have helped thousands of users every day since.

In 2018 we started offering our cyber safety technology platform to partners who could bundle it into their offering. In their own brand. Insurance and security companies became our primary audience as cyber safety is a perfect match to their existing product range. As we share more and more of our personal data, the problem with having it stolen will just increase over time. With our platform our partners can make the Internet a safer place.

Our management team

Finn Persson, Spintop Ventures

"Defentry has really recruited some top forces to it’s team, which was very important to us when investing"

Spintop Ventures is one of the key investors in Defentry. Finn Persson, partner and co-founder at Spintop Ventures, shares his thoughts on cyber security, scouting tech companies in the Nordics and why they chose to invest in Defentry.