Meet our founders

Our founders Christer and Farid are childhood friends, they lived on the same street when they were kids. First becoming best friends, and then also becoming business partners when they started their first company together in 1993.

Farid has since then continued his career as an entrepreneur and founded multiple successful companies in the event, data analysis and sales industries and has also worked within media for many years.

Christer continued his career as an entrepreneur but also as CEO and management consultant for several companies. During 2014 he was a victim of identity fraud which was a traumatic experience and gave big consequences in his life. Later on he worked with strategic development as a consultant at a credit information company, and this role, together with his earlier experience, made him realize that cyber security needed to be a top priority. 

And on a summer evening on Farid’s porch, the childhood friends started their second company Defentry together, with the mission to end identity theft and make the Internet a safer place. 

Defentry is still led by the founders, but now in a larger more senior team the strive continues.


Our management team

Finn Persson, Spintop Ventures

"Defentry has really recruited some top forces to it’s team, which was very important to us when investing"

Spintop Ventures is one of the key investors in Defentry. Finn Persson, partner and co-founder at Spintop Ventures, shares his thoughts on cyber security, scouting tech companies in the Nordics and why they chose to invest in Defentry.